1 Year after Class XII
(Target NEET – 2024)


For 12th Passed Students

Course Description

If you have set your aims high if you want to touch the stars and reach the sky, and more importantly – if you have the courage to say that you shall settle for nothing less than the best, then you – the XII pass student – are perfectly suited to this course. You might have realized by now that you have everything – intelligence, capability, and willpower, but that you lack focused guidance – the do’s and don’ts of IIT-JEE & NEET preparation and a stimulating atmosphere. At this juncture, we offer you our helping hand. Come, resurrect your confidence, shape up your ideas, strengthen your foundation and get into the top gear of IIT-JEE & NEET preparation with a course that can easily claim to be at par with the best offered anywhere in India.

Admission Process

Through BOOST to be held as per schedule from Bansal Classes Guwahati Center. The test will be objective.

Syllabus and Sample Test Paper for BOOST

Course Features

One year program fee

Course Price: ₹1,80,000/-

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Note: Registration and examination fee is not included.