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10 (4 Part Test + 6 Full Syllabus Test)




For 12th Passed/Appearing Students

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PT-1Physics and Measurements, Kinematics
Law of Motion, Work, Energy, and Power,
Rotational Motion, Gravitation
IOC : Chemical bonding, Co-ordination compound
OC : Carboxylic acid & Derivatives, Amines & other Nitrogen containing organic compound, Aromatic compounds, Principles Related to Practical Chemistry
PC : Chemical kinetics, Radioactivity
Logarithm, Compound Angle,
Trigonometry Equation, Sets,
Relation, Function, Complex Number
PT-2Properties of Solids and Liquids,
Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Oscillations and Waves
IOC : d-block
(Additional topic for JEE Main : f-block)
OC : Biomolecules / Amino acids, Carbonyl compounds, Hydrocarbon
PC : Thermodynamics
Quadratic Equation, Progression,
Binomial, Permutation and Combination,
Probability, Co-ordinate Geometry
PT-3Electrostatics, Current Electricity,
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism,
Electromagnetic Induction and
Alternating currents, Electromagnetic Wave
IOC : p-block, Periodic table
OC : Alcohol & Ether, Alkyl halide
(Substitution/Elimination), Complete isomerism (Structural, Conformational, optical geometrical)
PC : Chemical Equilibrium, ionic Equilibrium, mole concept, concentration terms, liquid solution
Matrix & Determinant,
ITF, LCD, MOD, Integration, AOD
PT-4Optics, Wave optics,
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation,
Atoms and Nuclei, Electronic Devices
IOC :  Salt analysis
OC : GOC (Electronic displacement effects, acid base), Attacking reagents, IUPAC Nomenclature
PC : Redox, Electro-chemistry, Atomic structure
Area under curve, Deferential Equation,
Vector-3D, Statistics

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₹1,999/- *

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